• Training

Corporate Trainings

Every organizational culture holds in it a huge promise for performance and organizational health. We facilitate corporate training programs to work towards realizing this Potential through systemic approach in building a learning culture in organizations.

We facilitate in create a learning space ………………that fosters

A Shared reality

Shared responsibility

A Shared strategy

Shared performance and

Shared Leadership

among employees leading to overall sustained progress.

Mentoring System & Coaching

The workshop on Mentoring for Organizations will focus on supporting senior employees, managers and Leaders of an organization with mentoring skills. This will help in passing on their experience, and the nuances of the organizational culture for newcomers, people taking new roles or employees going through a transition period in their carrier ladder. Mentoring will ensure that the learning development cycle need not be reinvented every time there is a change of guard and the transitions are handled smoothly.

Transactional Analysis certificate Course

Transactional analysis is a social psychology that contains certain key concepts to analyze and change patterns of interaction that interfere with achieving life aspirations. Through TA ideas we can gain a good understanding and scripting a framework for understanding the unwritten dynamics and norms that operate within an organization.

Dialogical Organization Development (DOD)

Dialogical” Organisational Development work includes the process of building a learning culture in organisations. DOD work is the latest and current development in organisational work as opposed to the earlier Diagnostic Organisational Development work.

Children’s Training

Leadership through Theatre

To create a milieu supportive and conducive for students to develop leadership qualities through various aspects of theatre. This workshop will induce them to loose inhibitions and come out as leaders inducing experiential aspects of leading a team in different aspects of life.

Stage Entry Workshops

To make students undergo the process of story/play creation and basic on stage techniques to create a play.
Concepts like Voice Modulation, Emotions, Expressions and Theatre Ethics will be covered.
We end the workshop with a small performance, where the batch presents a story scripted by them.

Shadow Theatre Workshop

To make Children experience concepts and activities, that could be done with light and shadow to create something interesting, with the help of their imagination.
This workshop will be a skill imparting session – Enabling the children to learn different techniques of creating plays through shadows.

Puppetry and Story Telling Concept

An intensive workshop focusing on puppet creation and story telling. The children have the unique opportunity to learn the manipulation of hand puppets along with voice exercises and stories.
The children will also learn designing and creation of a puppet. Through a blend of small group instruction and hands on training children can develop their creative skills, discover new techniques and learn to craft their own characters