• SAP All-In-One

We support our customers in the process oriented implementation of SAP ERP systems, the design and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions, as well as integration of various other systems and mobile solutions using SAP Net Weaver platform. We help organizations to radically accelerate performance, innovation and to create new competitive advantages through agile business strategies and cutting edge technologies. Whether you are engaged in manufacturing, trade (wholesale distribution), transportation and logistics or professional services, your success depends on how quickly and effectively your company adapts to change. Inorder to cope up with evolving customer demands, government regulations and your own business requires constant innovation to bring new products and services to market while controlling your costs – especially Information Technology costs. SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) along with Industry specific templates can help you improve financial management, maintain operational excellence and enhance competitive agility so you can manage well in times of economic uncertainty and lay a solid foundation for growth.

We are partnering with Cloud Corner Solutions a SAP partner and leading consulting solution provider focused on SAP Rapid Deployment Solution with a Team of SAP Architects who have experience and expertise stands as the backbone of this organization.


Research and development costs are rising in today’s competitive world. Changing consumer demands are shortening product lifecycles and you're being pressured to lower prices. Winning consumer product companies will accelerate the innovation process and narrow their focus on the most profitable brands. Using an integrated approach to processes new product development and introduction from Cloud Corner solutions and SAP can accelerate product development and provide deep insights for innovation.

The advantage - Starting points for new product development

Reduce time to market and increase product profitability – as you reduce product design cycles and improve collaboration – with integrated product development software from SAP. Connect design and development, procurement, manufacturing, and service seamlessly through a flexible collaboration environment.
  • Increase the speed of innovation and creating a central hub for project and resource management to improve visibility across the development portfolio and drive down time to market.
  • Using recipe management to drive product development forward using structured product and raw material specifications.
  • Collaboration on packaging design and development to help ensure that the results are available to anyone in the enterprise immediately for the steps in production, purchasing and sales.
  • Smart idea management and integrated concept development through stages and gates to respond to market trends more effectively.
  • Virtual teaming with suppliers to help drive down the cost of raw materials and improve sourcing relationships.
Complete Fleet Management System For Employee Transportation - Primarily meant for fleet management, InfoLocate is suitable for employee transportation or BPO wherein timeliness and safety are important. Employee attendance and vehicle management brings you an organized solution.
Taxi Dispatch System For Emerging Taxi Industries - is an efficient and cost effective tracking solution for emerging logistics and transport system. Smartphones are used as GPS devices instead of traditional GPS black boxes. Reliability, accuracy and cost advantage of this unique solution will enable you to grow your business further.
An Ideal Work Force Management Solution For Mobile Workforce - is made for efficient work force management. It is an ideal tool for an organization having dynamic employees wherein traveling is a must. The solution enables you to measure the actual performance and monitor key result areas (KRAs) of the mobile employees.