• Payroll Outsourcing

Discover how Payroll outsourcing can revolutionize your business dynamics. A value added service proposition from a firm that offers a large bouquet of valuable HR and Payroll services

Our HR & payroll software offers far more than what you get with an Excel spreadsheet or an ordinary payroll software. As our valued customer can select all the modules or pick and choose your desired modules from the below list.
Easy Payroll Management
  • Fully automated payroll processing, F&F settlement, reporting, and much more
Employee Administration
  • Having accurate employee information in one central location. Track all employee data required for your business & compliance.
Leave Management
  • Everything from leave accounting, grants, to year end processing.
  • See who is in, who is yet to come and the late comers in real time. Get a complete view of employee attendance with data from swipes, leave records, holidays, etc.
Employee Self Service
  • Empower employees to see their own information about leave, payroll, attendance, claims, etc. Online workflows lead to self-service, faster turnaround times and less costs.
Expense Claims
  • Let employees claim expenses related to travel, out of pockets expenses, or any other expense. Have multiple claim templates with rules for entitlements, approval levels and claim items.