• HR Process

Businesses are increasingly expecting more from HR. The people function is being challenged to show how it directly supports the business strategy through cost reduction, service simplification and driving additional value from people investment.

Transforming your HR function to meet those expectations has evolved. Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies mean you can make the changes quickly with broader functionality, intuitive usage and entirely new offerings that weren’t previously available. But selecting the right HR and payroll provider and implementing these new systems is key.
Our experience and insights in the HR technology, SaaS and cloud market can help you get real value from your HR function.
  • We’ll work with you to understand what you’re getting from your existing systems.
  • We can help you define your business needs, identifying the right technology operating models to offer you increased flexibility, self-service, cost reduction, more efficient processes and increased alignment to strategic business partnerships.
  • We can help you in developing Human Resource Policies and bring the industry best practices to your people function. We will also assist you to develop HR Processes which aligns with the HR technology solutions.
  • We’ll give you independent advice to evaluate to make sure your technology decision is objective and best for your business.
  • We’ll work with you to define and execute implementation plans to fit your business strategy and help you drive innovation through your people function.
  • Our work can cover the full end-to-end process of system implementation. From building, testing and deploying improved systems, we’ll help you manage risks and get the most out of your new system.
  • We’ll stand by you, to help you make sure that all systems and process change is managed effectively.

HR Information Systems

  • Our team of professionals with extensive experience in HRIS Applications takes care of the entire gamut of HR Application implementation and support. Our experts can help you in choosing the right application for your Company till the implementation and deployment of ERP systems and HRIS Applications

HRIS Implementations

  • Our HRIS team offers a complete range of implementation services - from business case development and system design to configuration, testing, data migration and deployment. We also provide services of HRIS package evaluation and selection, business process reengineering, enterprise architecture design and integration with others systems.
  • Our vision is to help our clients in extending their enterprise solutions to streamline and enhance their operation efficiency as well as providing information to their executives to make the most valuable business decisions.

HR Application Support Services

  • We also take care of the ongoing support and maintenance of the systems, including the configuration changes, integration with other applications, software upgrades, roll out of new modules, automation of end-to-end HR processes, creation of new reports and dashboards.