• Feasibility Study

The main objective of a feasibility study is to determine whether or not a certain plan of action is likely to produce the anticipated result—that is, whether or not it will work, and whether or not it is worth doing economically. Although the primary objective of the study is dedicated to showing the outcomes of specific actions, it should begin with an evaluation of the entire operation.

A good feasibility study would review a company's strengths and weaknesses, its position in the marketplace, and its financial situation. It would also include information on a company's major competitors, primary customers, and any relevant industry trends. This sort of overview provides small business owners and managers with an objective view of the company's current situation and opportunities. By providing information on consumer needs and how best to meet them, a feasibility study can also lead to new ideas for strategic changes.
InfoVirtu consulting division also conduct Feasibility Studies with financial and economic indicators, and sensitivity analysis in the various sectors. Other areas of specialization are Property Valuation, Project Evaluations, Case studies. Our qualified and experienced team has a successful track record in conducting feasibility studies for various market sectors. A feasibility study can give your project a necessary reality check. With the current conditions as the starting point, we estimate the potentials in your project or business case to make sure that your vision is realistic, fundable and socio-economically sustainable.
Our services within Feasibility Studies include:
  • Vision and concept
  • Analysis – demand, supply, opportunities and challenges
  • Construction programme – financial status, operating budget and time schedule
  • Strategy – funding sources and communication strategy
  • Business plan and actions
  • Construction management
  • Training of operating personnel