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Feasibility study and due diligence for an acquisition of a health care clinic in Doha - Qatar
Feasibility Study and Due diligence for an acquisition of a health care clinic in Doha- Qatar. The project includes Due Diligence, Market Research for the Medical Industry and feasibility study.
Market Research and Feasibility Study for 17 residential buildings in Lussail City, Doha, Qatar
The project is a detailed analysis of the feasibility of construction of a 17 residential buildings at the Lussail Development, Doha-Qatar. The project covered the areas of market research, financial feasibility of the project and a complete business plan.
Market Research Study for a luxury brand retail café outlet in Qatar
An extensive market research study conducted for the economic viability of the fast food market in the state of Qatar.
Financial Feasibility study for compound villa complex in Salwa Road, Doha-Qatar
The project comprises 72 stat-of-the-art villas with four swimming pools, club house, gym and other essential amenities. The report contains 20 years of financial statements, pay back analysis, economic indicators, sensitivity Analysis and market research for real estate market of Qatar
Market Research and Financial feasibility study for establishing franchises of a luxury catering and coffee house company in the state of Qatar
The study includes an extensive market research in the hospitality sector of Doha-Qatar and a financial feasibility study for establishing franchises, which includes financial projections DCF analysis, IRR, sensitivity analysis, Break even analysis and major economic indicators.
Financial Feasibility Study for star Hotel, Abu Dhabi
Conducted a bespoke financial feasibility study and investment analysis for a finest restaurant Moroccan-Mediterranean food pastry gallery with new concept, place for mixing different cultures, open in the heart of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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