• Business Valuation

Valuation plays a key role in many areas of finance -- in corporate finance, in mergers and acquisitions and in portfolio management. The postulate of sensible investing is that an investor does not pay more for an asset than what it worth. The price we pay for any asset should reflect the cash flows it is expected to generate. Valuation models attempt to relate value to the level of, uncertainty about and expected growth in these cash flows.

Valuation analysis is one of the core responsibilities of a fundamental investor, as valuations are typically the most important factor of asset prices over the long term. Valuation analysis is done to evaluate the potential merits of an investment or to objectively assess the value of a business or asset. Valuation analysis should answer the simple, yet vital, question of, "What is something worth?" The analysis is then based on either current projections or projections of the future. The valuation method includes Price/Earnings, Price/Book Value, Price/Sales, Enterprise Value/EBIDTA, Economic Value Added and Discounted Cash Flow.
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  • Planning and preparation
  • Adjusting the financial statements
  • Choosing the business valuation methods
  • Applying the selected valuation methods
  • Reaching the business value conclusion
InfoVirtu valuation team supports the following set clients depending on their valuation requirements:
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Startups Businesses
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Disposals & Divestment
  • Raising Capitals